I’ve been drawing dragons this year as a way of creating outside my comfort zone. I’ve been learning and loving what I’ve been doing.

And I want to share it with you.

Dragon with heart
Sweet Holiday Card

If you’re interested, you can buy one of my holiday cards, or buy a stack of them, and send them to your friends. They are hand drawn and inked, so each is unique. I currently have two cards I’m sharing. The Sweet Holiday Card is my favorite little dragon, who has a message inside that says “Have a sweet holiday.”

Lots of cards that say "Have a sweet holiday" inside

I made my Dragon Momma Card for my own little Wonder. I wanted to express the feeling of being a momma — protective and loving and strong. These cards are blank inside so you can share your own momma message.

Dragon and baby sketch
Dragon Momma Card

Cards – Shipping Included

You can click the Paypal link to order one of my new cards. I’ll send you a card with an envelope for you to send to someone you love.

And don’t forget to make your own dragons this year. Big, beautiful, and powerful ones. Ones that can change the world.