Drawing Dragons Day 10: SALSA

When I was in high school, my friend Lynn and I used to love to eat at Chi Chi’s Mexican restaurant. We’d order virgin margaritas and finish off baskets of chips and salsa while referring to ourselves as all that and a bag of chips.

One Halloween, we drove down to Chi Chi’s dressed as bag ladies. We didn’t get it, then; didn’t know what it meant to be homeless. Didn’t see the problem because it wasn’t right outside our front doors. In fact, I was totally clueless about what being a bag lady meant.

We confused everyone we ran into, including the waiter. He was dressed all in red, with a giant cup of coffee on his head. His shirt said: TMCM. I stared at the coffee cup, then stared at him.

“Are you Too Much Coffee Man?”

He freaked on out. “Yes! Oh my gosh! Have you read them?”

“Nope,” I said sadly. “Just a guess.”

“Nice! What are you two?”

“Bag ladies.”

I held up my big bag. To be honest, I didn’t know being a bag lady had anything to do with being homeless. I thought it just meant an old lady who really liked bags.

The waiter nodded sagely, and refilled our chips and salsa.

I started a dragon today that I knew I wasn’t going to finish. I wanted to ink and work my way through the reference. My goal was to finish the head. It took me a long time to get the shape of it right, and it still seems a little off. I think it’s the EYES. The eyes are just a little cray cray.

Their name is Salsa. Because they make me happy like a bowl of chips and salsa. Tomorrow, there will be a little bit of fire in their belly. Wait until you see their wings.

Here is the reference:

Red cartoon dragon reference

And here is the making of SALSA.

Dragon head sketch

Outline of red dragon head

Red dragon head