A Week of Drawing Dragons

What’s up with that back leg?

That’s been my number one question this week. I have no real sense of dragon anatomy. I mean, they have legs and stuff, plus wings, right?

My friend, awesome author Simone Cooper, posted a few dog reference pictures to get me on track. This one showed a posture that was, you know, actual physically possible, and didn’t involve any aliens:

Picture of very stately dog

I decided to try and replicate that back leg. But then I also made some other strange decisions, like more waves. And shading. Which…I don’t know how to do?

I definitely made some things darker, so that’s good. I think. Depth and all.

May I introduce, Double Wing!

Dragon in process

Yes…I was afraid to ink that back leg…

Dragon with normal back leg and shaded wings

But he turned out okay. Reminds me a bit of the Sphinx. Thanks, Simone.