Burp: Drawing Dragons Day 15

My friend Meg Currell writes these amazing theater critiques and heartbreaking essays. But, she ate a green dragon apple — scratch that — 5 apples.

Green dragon apple
Image by the once lovely Meg Currell

And now I’m mourning her loss. She has been eaten, utterly consumed, by a dragon I’m calling: Burp.

I had dreams of drawing a bucktooth dragon, but this is the face I was sketching.

It is confusing, and rather frightening, but not in any way I intended.

So, Burp was granted smooth lines and graceful curves.  She looks so content, with her hands on her belly.

After two slices of pizza and some parmesan bites, that’s how I feel too.

RIP, Meg Currell. Or should I say RIS (Rest in Stomach)?

Dragon with hands on stomach

What’s next? At some point, I need a lesson on perspective. And how to draw fiery burps.