A Little Spice: Drawing Dragons Day 30

Unicorn Calendar that says believe in yourself

You know when you’re just coming off of being sick, and you’re almost better, but you are like, SUPER SPICY?

Welcome to my world. 85% of the things I said today should not have counted.

But, then my friend Lenni gave me a calendar that is ALL THE AWESOME.

Background on Lenni: She’s smart and funny and gets it. Everything. Whatever it is, she’s got it, so do not worry.

And the calendar…I obviously needed it in my life. It had just the right message for today:

Unicorn Calendar that says believe in yourself

There’s days that drag, where you question yourself artistically, your passion, your focus. Where you wonder if you’ve made the right choices and if you’re standing in the right spot. Where you wonder how you keep missing the important things.

On those days, people like Lenni are like little lights that give you cookies and tell you to believe in yourself.

I’m lucky to have those kind of people in my life.

And the cookie was peanut butter cup.

Of course, that doesn’t mean I’m going to be any less spicier. Sometimes, the world needs my spice too.

So, Bob and I drew together tonight. His drawings came to life as mine slowly appeared on the page.

I’m working from this reference, which is for a character from Dragon City. I just looked up Dragon City, and almost dove down into the game. I’ll let you know if it pulls me in.

Here’s your spice for tonight:

Sketch of dragon head

I’ll keep working on his body and everything tomorrow. This one is definitely getting some ink.

That’s all for today. I leave you with the message Lenni gave me: Believe in yourself, little unicorn.

Keep creating,