Drawing Dragons Day 6: Rooster Wave

This dragon is definitely more fierce than my other dragons. Still, it’s face reminds me of a rooster. Cock-a-doodle-doo!

And we all know I have a problem with the lower extremities. So I tried something different — I added an extra claw in the back of the foot, and I also thought about where the dragon leg joints would actually be. You can see the circles in the first picture. The legs made a little more sense in the end.

The body, though, was too big and blank after inking. So I added spikes…which kind of looked like waves. They looked weird, so obviously — I added more. And more.

Let me introduce you to Rooster Wave.

Mostly fierce dragon in progress - just pencil Mostly fierce dragon in progress Mostly fierce dragon

And me — Hufflepuffin’ on a Saturday morning.