It’s school visit time!

School Visits

It’s that time of year again — time for school visits!

I love school visits. Talking with students about writing and books is one of my favorite activities. I tell stories, read my books, and help kids with their own writing. I work with Kindergarten through High School, and my school visits are always free.

It’s my way of giving back — I know teachers and librarians work hard to connect students and get them excited about words. Let’s be clear: I love working with schools to continue sharing that joy.

The Geneseo Republic wrote an article about when I visited my own elementary school. Check out the picture below — those kids are stoked, and so am I!

school visits at St. Malachy's elementary school
Credit: The Geneseo Republic

Do you guys get it yet? I love school visits. They are my favorite thing to do.

So, ask me to come talk at your kid’s school. It will be awesome. For reals.

If you are planning an author visit this school year, here are some great tips from Penguin on making it a success:

● Involve the faculty, PTA, and the local community in the planning and events of the day. Make the author feel welcome!

● Make flyers and posters to hang up and distribute at PTA and School Board meetings.

● Read and discuss the author’s book(s) with the students prior to the author’s arrival.

● Have the students learn what they can about the author before the appearance as well as prepare a question or two if the author includes a Q&A in their presentation. This will ensure there will be no awkward silences!

● Do creative writing and illustrating projects and display them for the author when they visit.

● Utilize social media during your visit!

Let me know if you have any questions!