Drawing Weird Face

I’ve had two drawing companions this last week: Bob (husband awesome) and Wonder (6 year old awesome). Bob will hopefully reveal his drawings soon (ya’ll are going to freak the heck on out).

Wonder has been drawing dragons with me every day too. His are wonderful and focused and sometimes crazy. He loves watching drawing videos or working from reference. He’s not as into the exploration — he’s a bigger fan of replication.

I’m on the other side — I like to create from my imagination, especially as I’m still discovering how I work.

For example, the dragon I drew today. I knew I wanted to have it’s wings spread and claws up. But I didn’t know how that would change the shape of the dragon. I also didn’t know that I have no clue what a dragon looks like underneath. I’m used to staring at the tops of dragons.

When I was a kid, I remember seeing the world from a particular perspective. In seventh grade, I grew up so fast, that I distinctly noticed how things changed.

You see, we left the farm when I was in second grade, but often went back to visit. In seventh grade, I hadn’t been there for about sixth months. I went back, about 6 inches taller, and the world shone a little differently. Some things were brighter; the light fell on them. Others faded into darkness. I felt like I was growing up too quickly; the world I knew was gone.

I see so differently now, weighted down by all these years and bowls of sour cream and onion chips. But Wonder still sees the world with kid eyes.

I finished my dragon today, frustrated with its weird, weird face, and strange chest and arms, and I called it Blossoming Lotus Weird Face.

Wonder asked: “Is that a mermaid dragon? Cool idea, Mom.”


Yes. It is.

It’s not a weird face lotus. It’s a mermaid dragon. And it’s super cool.

I think I need to see things from his perspective.

So, here’s Aspectu (Class: Mermaid Dragon):

Dragon with long tail and open wings