Gosh golly gee this is taking forever: Drawing Dragons Day 11

In my head, I was originally thinking I would draw a new dragon every day. But that doesn’t really give me enough time for detail and for mistakes. Sure, I could rough sketch or cartoon sketch one, but I want to have time to feel like I can erase a line and try again — as was the case with today’s claws, and lower leg. And neck. And basically all the parts that weren’t already inked.

I decided to draw for around 45 minutes, unless I finish before. That meant that today I finished the arms and body of yesterday’s dragon.

In case you’re keeping track, I also finished a bowl of Veggie Straws, which are a hipper version of chips and therefore much more healthy.

Veggie Straw bag sitting in cloud
It’s also sitting in a cloud which is obviously much more wholesome.

Wonder drew the same dragon, and once I have his official permission, I’ll share it with his fans. He thinks it looks Fabulous. He didn’t say that. I did. It’s the cutest.

I digress. What were we talking about? Ah, yes. Chips.

Here’s a little bit more Salsa to spice up your nachos.

He’s so close to having a bottom.

Happy drawing, writing, and creating, everyone!