Hair: Drawing Fairies Day Three

When I was a pre-teen/teen/adult, my sister used to tell me to brush my hair.

Half the time, I’d already brushed it.

I just had no idea what to DO with it. It’s natural state was…stringy? Weird?

Surprisingly close to my natural state.

I still don’t understand hair.

But I’ve learned that when you color it teal, that forgives a thousand imperfections.

So here is my little teal-haired fairy.

Cartoon fairy blue hair

Shine on,


2 Replies to “Hair: Drawing Fairies Day Three”

  1. It’s what on the inside that makes one beautiful so this fairy must have a lot going on there. She really is cute like her creator but I have to admit I am not impartial. Have a great year drawing fairies and congratulation on finishing your dragons with Wonder. You can still do them on the side when you need to.

    The Trees of Tallahassee

    1. Wonder had the best time drawing those dragons, and I did too. I’m working on making the fairies more fierce! And blue haired.:)

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