Momma and Baby: Drawing Dragons Day 42

Wonder used to call me Mom. At some point last year, he started calling me Momma. It falls off his lips like a question dipped in hope.

He took a nap today — which hasn’t happened in months. He said, “Momma, I’m tired.” I set my coffee down on the nightstand and curled in next to him. We played a game to see who could keep their eyes closed the longest.

He won.

But I took a nap too. Head dipped toward his chest so my breath wouldn’t hit his face. My coffee went cold. I reheated it two hours later, when he bounded out of my arms and out the door.

Sharing his story on Friday in the New York Times was strange and wonderful and heartbreaking. Hearing stories of other parents who’ve loved and held and hugged and lost their kids in the same situation left me wanting to draw what I felt: this big love for this little boy.

So, here you have a little dragon and his momma. Love doesn’t always have to be big enough to set a blazing fire; sometimes, it just needs to be warm enough to snuggle into.

Mommy and baby dragon

Happy creating,