Now Reading: Seriously Hexed by Tina Connolly

Tina Connolly has an awesome new book out

Tina Connolly book -- Seriously Hexed

I am a little biased toward Tina Connolly. We’re friends (and partners in non-crime-type-activities), but I loved her books before I knew her. That’s because she’s a smart writer, who develops really interesting characters and fantasy settings that feel like you’re standing right in them.

Her Seriously Wicked series is all kinds of fun. It’s fresh and funny.

I know – fresh is a weird word to use to describe a YA series. But here’s the thing – Connolly’s stories feel real in a way that is eye-opening. Her characters will remind you of actual people.

The Seriously Wicked series is all about a teenage witch…who doesn’t really want to be a teenage witch. Her mother, who is wicked (with an environmentalist bent), doesn’t make her life easy.

In Seriously Wicked, Cam is always getting into trouble for not being a good enough witch. One time, she says, “the witch turned me into a solar panel sales-man and made me go around to every house in a half-mile radius and lecture about alternative energy forms.”

Cam thinks in quirky ways that make me giggle. In the final book in the series –Seriously Hexed – her wit spills all over the page. I begged Tina to read an early copy of this book. I wanted to get lost in a book that would make me happy.

It worked. I laughed out loud more than a few times.

But, at the same time, Seriously Hexed has heart. It’s the kind of book I can’t wait for my son to read. There’s a background of kindness to this series, and an understanding that we are the ones responsible for making our world a better place. And I love that kind of book on my bookshelf…or in my son’s hands.

So, join me tomorrow at her reading at Powell’s Cedar Hills. Get a book from Tina Connolly, read it, or give it to a kid. It will be good. I promise.