Starving Artists’ Series

Miriam Gershow kicked off the Starving Artists’ Series at WOU and it went great! Miriam explained her process, her patience, and her bit of luck that led to the publication of The Local News.

I loved hearing her speak. She has such a vibrant, engaging style, and the section that she chose to read pulls you right into her novel. I’ve read it before, and I’ve heard her read it before, but I could listen to it many more times. What an excellent example of careful crafting and character-building.

Maren Bradley Anderson is up next week! Maren is a writer, teacher, podcaster, blogger, and alpaca rancher who lives in the Willamette Valley in Oregon. She teaches Literature and Writing at WOU and just published her first novel, Liz A. Stratton Closes the Store: A Novel about Sex and Politics.

Sex? Politics? A Debate? It’s not on TV – its at the WOU Starving Artists’ Series! October 23rd, Noon to 1PM in the Calapooia Room in the University Center.