Books I’ve liked

I read a lot of books.

And lately, I’ve read a lot of REALLY good books.

I thought I’d share three of them with you. I won’t get all long-winded. I want you to have time to read them instead!

Book One: Every Anxious Wave by Mo Daviau

Time travel that rocks. If you are into indie rock, you’ll love Mo’s book. If you’re into time travel, you love Mo’s book. If you’re into books…you love Mo’s book. Good plot, great characters that you come to love, plus, did I mention time-travel?

Book Two: The Cult of Loretta by Kevin Maloney

I’ve heard Kevin read around Portland, and he nails it with this book. Lots of great stories that come together into one bigger story. This one is not for kids. But it’s a fantastic lesson in the possibilities of form (See his story: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer) and how to slip in the beautiful and transcendent without sounding sugary.

Book Three: Hagridden by Sam Snoek-Brown

Historical fiction that actually kept me reading. That in itself should be reason enough to get this book. But if you need more, how about a rougarou? It’s like a Louisiana werewolf. Sam is also a master of description and tone. Read this book slowly — there’s goodness here.

Bonus: Book Four! Seriously Shifted by Tina Connolly

It’s not out yet, but I’ve got Tina’s follow-up to Seriously Wicked. It’s seriously great — good pacing and a funny twist that keeps things rolling. More on that later though.

Dig in, read some books, and tell me what you think!