Pearl the MerDragon: Drawing Dragons Day 71

blue mermaid dragon

A couple of days ago, I finished this sketch of a dragon for Wonder to color.

I also asked all of you if you wanted to color the page too, and I received some beautiful responses. I thought I would share them with you over the next week.

The first dragon that came in was from Wonder Woman Kristin Noreen.


Kristin writes this fantastic blog on Psych Central called Our Hidden Disabilities. She is a friend and a great supporter of the writing community. Plus, she can color. Her dragon SHINES.

Colorful dragon

When I began this project, it was for myself. I wanted to learn to draw; I knew I needed to find the patience to actually finish something – to not walk away when frustration crawled down my fingers.

I didn’t think that anyone would really be following along. But Kristin, and friends like you, have made the process – the journey – so much easier. Kristin has constantly encouraged me, and pointed toward successes and little details that she has loved.

To get a dragon from her was a gift, and I am thrilled to share it with you, and send her one in return.

As for Pearl, her MerDragon, I love her tails, and her finesse. She is a cousin to my earlier Naga dragon. She is a quiet beauty.

blue mermaid dragon

I hope she makes you happy, and encourages you to keep going too.

Keep creating,