Find Your Writing Community

How to find your writing community

Main Street Writers Movement Find your writing communityLaura Stanfill, over at the Main Street Writers Movement, asked me to share my thoughts on building writing relationships and a writing community. I told her:

Writing is lonely. For many of us introverts, spending the day by ourselves, sitting at a computer, maybe not even taking a shower, is . . . awesome! Am I right? I love being by myself. I’m high-fiving myself right now. I’m the coolest person in my home office. The funniest too.

But occasionally, even I want to get out of my shell – to peek my head out and see what’s on the other side of my computer. And sometimes, I need more support than my dog. I mean, he’s great. When I’m sad, he’s sad too, or he just wants to go out for a walk. You never know. That’s why it’s important to build your writing community.

I could cite a bunch of studies about introverts, community, support, and loneliness. But I don’t want to. Instead, I’m just going to slap you and tell you that you need writer friends for support, encouragement, face-slapping, and direction.

Find Your Writing Community

Click over to the Main Street Writers Movement to read more of my essay about high-fiving and making new friends:

And take the pledge! Laura is leading a quiet revolution of kindness in publishing. She’s creating space for discussion, questions, and community in a competitive landscape. High five her when you see her, and share the movement with your friends! Now, more than ever, our writing community matters. See you on Main Street!