Views and reviews

It’s been over a month since Shadowgirl hit the shelves, and reviews are rolling in. I have been so excited to have my friends and family read what I have been working on for so long, and am so excited to get their feedback. Most of all, I am excited that they have connected with, and understood, Áine’s journey.

Here’s what I’ve seen and heard so far:

This book reads very quickly. That is totally true. This type of book is called a high-interest young adult novel. It has a lower reading level, and a heck of a lot of excitement. It’s meant to draw in reluctant readers and encourage them to keep turning pages.

This is not Disney. This is definitely a dark story. I always imagined that if a being filled with love and light entered our world, she would be challenged by what she saw and who we are. As humans, we sometimes do terrible things. But we also have moments of love, transcendence, and joy. I hope everyone connects with that goodness too!

It’s all about the relationships. My friend Nancy Jo said this, and I couldn’t agree more. Shadowgirl is Áine’s journey, but she cannot do it alone. Throughout the novel, she explores her past, defines her present, and fights for her future — all with her friends and family by her side. No plot spoilers, but family matters in this book. More than magic, more than dreams, more than life, it is what forms us and defines us.

Each time a review comes in, I feel a little surge of happiness. And I just wanted to share a little of that joy with you. Have a great day.