Cookie: Drawing Dragons Day 16

Today, I achieved a goal: I met my Apple Watch Move Goal while literally lowering my hand after eating the last of a peanut butter cup cookie.

Picture of Apple Watch with goal achieved
Hashtag Goals

It was a long day, but a good one. I spent the evening at Barnes & Noble, celebrating Micayla Lally and Linda Atwell’s new books. I hadn’t drawn my dragon yet, so I obviously needed peanut butter cup cookie fuel.

I chose a reference again. I was just telling Micayla and Linda that I don’t feel as much satisfaction with the product when I follow along with someone else’s drawing, but I really do learn a lot in the process.

Today, I learned about CUTE LITTLE TOES and how to make those eyes that SPARKLE a little bit.

Final sketch of a cute little dragon

It looks like she’s saying, can I have another cookie?

Yes, darling, you can.