Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Labor Day Weekend always reminds me of the end of summer. Watching the school supplies appear in the store and the last big bunch of garage sales take their last stand is bittersweet, but still a reason to celebrate. It has been an amazing summer, and Bob and I celebrated the approach of Fall by following the Yellow Brick Road…to the apple orchard!

The first of the cider is out and the blackberries are fresh and sweet (though sometimes sour). Rowan picked his three favorite apples with Bob’s help, and I can’t wait to get them home!

Bob’s all-time favorite is apple dessert. Simple and delicious.

Tart green apples diced up and warmed up just enough to sweeten em up. We used to cook them in butter, but margarine works fine, and with cinnamon and nutmeg (and cardamom for the refined), they are simply divine! Don’t forget a pinch of salt – it brightens them up a bit.