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Clockbreakers releases October 9th! Head here to Pre-order Clockbreakers directly from Indigo Sea Press.

Want to know more? Debby Dodds, author of Amish Boys Don’t Call, had this to say about Clockbreakers:

Clockbreakers mixes fantasy, adventure, and Greek mythology into a fun, frothy mix. A plucky protagonist named  Charlie, who just happens to be in a wheelchair, and her two buddies Trent and Maria all  explore their abilities and strengths and face their challenges while on a quest to find Charlie’s “missing” dad. When reading this, I couldn’t help but to think fondly of two of my own childhood favorites, A Wrinkle in Time and the movie Labyrinth. This story is rich with dialogue and action. The kids have playful, believable relationships with each other. There’s a wonderful Minotaur character I’d personally like to hang out with, and as many plot twists and turns as paths in a maze. I’d highly recommend to fans of both The Goddess Girls and The Popularity Papers. Here’s hoping the next in the series is out soon!

I’m thrilled Debby loved Clockbreakers, and I can’t wait for her book to drop.

If you haven’t yet, Pre-order Clockbreakers, and join in the adventure October 9th!