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Shadow Queene

In a time of darkness, a queene shall rise.

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I cannot tell you how excited I am to share Shadow Queene with you — the second book in the Shadow Girls Saga! You can escape into Fairy on April 28, 2020!

The cover is by artist Lee Moyer; he continues to amaze me with his precision and skill. I’m lucky to call him a friend and work with him as a colleague.

Here it is: the next book in the Shadow Girls Saga!

Shadow queene

“Dark, beautiful and complex.”

Maren Anderson, author of Sparks

“…A story about power, corrupt and corrupting, light and shadow, betrayals and possibilities. Ultimately, a story about saving each other (and small, ugly dragon-puppies).”

Jenny Forrester, author of Soft Hearted Stories

Just when her dreams are about to come true, Hennessey’s world is torn apart. She is dragged into the Shadowlands, while Áine is forced into the light. But in a world of magic and darkness, where the fae whither and monsters reign, Hennessey finds a power all her own. She embraces the shadows and enters the endless night.

Kate Ristau, Shadow Queene

More Good Words about Shadow Queene

“Áine and Hennessy forge separate paths to seek the truth behind the shadows. Full of glittering light and grim darkness, each journey is harrowing and beautiful.”

-LeeAnn McLennan, author of The Supernormal Legacy Trilogy

“Kate Ristau has done it again. The story of Aine, Ciaran, Keva, and Hennessy—along with all the creatures of the Shadowlands and Aetheria—is the stuff of legends who fight off the coming dark. Which will you choose?  The dark or the light?”

-Kate Carroll de Gutes, author of Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear

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Annie Bloom’s | Another Read ThroughIndieBound | Barnes & Noble | Amazon

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