The End of the Year: Drawing Dragons Day 365

In my mind, when I began, I imagined my final dragon would be big and bright and beautiful. She would rise from the ashes, exploding from my pen, and coloring the world in fury and flame.

But it turns out, that is not what this year has been about.

This year has been about small stories, little victories. It’s been about looking at the world with the heart of a dragon, but seeing, really seeing, with the eyes of a child.

It’s been about wonder and hope. It’s been about joy.

I didn’t need a big old scary dragon this year.

I needed a dragon with a shine in its eye. I needed a dragon that could show me that even with all the stupid mistakes I make and all the ways I fail every day, there is another page on the calendar and another day where I can do a little better and be a little better.

A dragon that says I can do this — we can do this. We can change the world in our little ways.

We can care for each other. Believe in each other.

So that’s what I’m giving you.

Thank you, for a year of dragons. Here’s to another year full of hope and possibility.

Green dragon holding 2018 blue calendar - happy.

Keep creating,