Make good art

“...make interesting mistakes, make amazing mistakes, make glorious and fantastic mistakes. Break rules. Leave the world more interesting for your being here.” --Neil Gaiman


I just signed a contract with Lycaon Press to publish my YA novel, Shadowgirl! I’ve been working on this fairy tale (with literal fairies) since I was in the folklore program at UO. It’s full of magic and myth, friendship and despair, and the powerful story of two girls who try to prevent the destruction of both their worlds. I’m… Read more →

Unplug and jog for 30 minutes

For 36 days straight, I have jogged for 30 minutes. Well, I really should use the proper terminology: I’ve been slogging. It’s like sluggish jogging. I’ve basically just been trying to keep bending my knees for 30 minutes every day. As if that wasn’t hard enough, I also layered on another level. I had to unplug, untether, and jog unaided… Read more →

Waiting for an audience

People keep asking, and I keep answering: “How’s your writing going?” “Great,” I say. “I’m still writing!” From the outside, they can’t yet see the progress. They see me on my laptop and assume I’m trolling Facebook. They see Rowan in school, and they wonder what I do with my time. They’ve seen one self-published book, but nothing else coming… Read more →


Bob asked me how Dune compared to other sci-fi novels I have read. How did it stand next to Zelazny? That question caught me for a moment. I loved the Chronicles of Amber. Zelazny pulled me in deeper and deeper with every shift between shadows. But Dune was different. Dune didn’t just pull me in (yes, I rolled through it… Read more →