"They lost all the Eta, all lightness of being, and found a power all of their own. Some say it is a dark magic filled with the weight of the dead.”

I’ve had a sneak peek!

My cover artist just sent me my new cover — and I can’t wait to share it with you! It’s so exciting to see Shadowgirl going to print. I’ve put so much into this book, and it is going to be amazing to be able to finally hold it in my hands in May!   I’ll reveal my cover in… Read more →

Shadowgirl goes to print on May 20!

I’m so happy to let everyone know that Lycaon Press will be releasing my print edition of Shadowgirl on May 20th of this year! I can’t wait to get this book in my hands, and I’m excited to see the cover art. Don’t worry — I’ll share all the goodness with you soon. Until then, here’s a little teaser: “They… Read more →

Shadowgirl edits

I just finished the second round of edits on Shadowgirl! I am feeling anxious and excited about the release of this book. I started it in 2009 after I had just left the Folklore program at University of Oregon. I was inspired by the Celtic folklore I had begun exploring in Diane Dugaw’s classroom. It led me down a path… Read more →

Rewriting Christmas Carols

Happy Holidays, my friends! Here are some revised Christmas Carols that will get you back to your own words during this special time of year: Joy to the Word (OR: Joy to the MS Word) Deck the Ballpoint (Falalalalalalalala) What Style is this (Seriously. Why am I writing like Dickens?) Silent Night (This one needs no revision. Every writer needs… Read more →