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Another Read Through Sign

We are blessed with indie bookstores in Portland, and one of my favorites is Another Read Through. The owner, Elisa, curates a wonderful collection of books. She features indie and local authors, and has a large LGBTQ section. She also has an amazing tree climbing up toward the rooftop. Elisa told me that she grew up sitting in a tree, reading. When she opened Another Read Through, the first thing she did was commission that tree. It is a beautiful representation of how art and life can meet in the middle of a bookstore. Next time I chat with Elisa, I’ll ask her who the artist was, and I’ll let you all know.

Shadow Girl at Another Read Through

Elisa invited me to read from my new (old) book, Shadow Girl, last week at her store. I had a fantastic time, telling stories and sharing joys and frustrations. I called my talk “The Impossibility of Publishing Shadow Girl.” We had tea and cookies, and the dog ate all the scones beforehand, so we didn’t have any scones, but I think we had fun. I certainly did.

Another Read Through Reading Photo credit: Grace Julian[/caption]

I am so lucky to have fans and friends that take time out of their lives to listen to me say how “excited” I am about everything (I think I said the word 84 times).

But seriously, I was excited. It’s not often that a book finds a second home (after its first home implodes), and it’s not often that you find friends that will show up for the second release of your first book. Thank you to everyone who came, shared the love, and maybe found a great new book at Another Read Through.