Shadow Girl

My Young Adult novel, Shadow Girl, is being released by Not a Pipe Publishing! Shadow Girl tells the story of fairy teen Áine, who is haunted by a fiery dream, where her mother loses her mind and her father makes a devastating choice. Áine escapes into the Shadowlands to discover the secrets of her family and her past. But the moment her foot crosses the threshold, Áine is thrust into a war that has been raging for centuries. Guardians, fire fey, and a rising darkness threaten the light, and Áine must learn to fight in the shadows — or die in the flames.

Shadow Girl will be available in February of 2018, so stay tuned!

If you can’t wait, here’s a little sample to get you started:

The wind blew her hair into her face, and she pushed it back, staring out into the darkness and the wide path cutting through the forest. But as she trained her eyes on the path, her stomach seized. Before she could stop herself, she screamed in terror.

A giant red beast barreled toward her. Its red skin shined with silver stripes, fire burned in its eyes, and its roar filled the forest. Áine ducked down quickly, praying it hadn’t seen her. But she had already caught the Guardian’s attention, and it charged her.

The beast was flying down the road, its legs spinning in circles, its arms held tight to its sides. Áine pulled her heavysack over her shoulder, nearly collapsing from the weight of it. Counterbalancing, she staggered toward the tree line, running as fast as she could. When she reached the tallest tree, she dove behind it, then screamed in defiance as she wrenched herself back up.

She locked eyes with the Guardian and lifted her head high. The beast held her stare, rushing toward her. She could feel every single beat of her heart as she raised her fists to meet it.

It was almost upon her, ready to leap across the ditch, when it suddenly veered off course and flew past her down the road, abandoning her to the forest with one final roar. She saw one word–TOYOTA–before it hurtled out of sight.

Áine covered her ears, crouching behind the tree until she was sure the Guardian was gone. She took a deep breath, felt the air slip in and out, then rose to her feet. She had to keep moving. Her eyes searched across the ditch where she saw the side of a massive cottage, just beyond the path, with lights flickering in the windows.

She dug her feet into the ground, gathered her strength, and then burst through the undergrowth. She tore through the tree line and dashed toward the back door of the building. A light suddenly flashed in front of her, and before she could stop herself, she crashed into a short girl holding the flame. They fell to the ground, and Áine wrestled the fire out of her hands, afraid they were both going to get burned. She rolled off the girl, then grabbed the edge of her cloak and beat down the flames.

“You idiot!” the girl yelled. “What are you doing to my phone?”

The girl reached over and tapped the blazing light, mumbling anxiously, and the color of the fire shifted under her fingers.

Aunt Eri had warned Áine about this strange magic. Eri said that the Shadows had harnessed the power of the sun. No one really knew for sure, as few fey had made the Crossing since then. But now Áine saw this girl—her own age—holding cold fire in her hands, and her heart raced, afraid of what other magic the girl might know, and of what she could do.

“What’s wrong with you, freak show?” the girl asked. “Why are you attacking my phone?”