Clockbreakers Giveaway!

Clockbreakers Giveaway!

Clockbreakers comes out in 13 days! Can’t wait? Join the Goodreads Giveaway.


I can barely contain my excitement as early reviews come in. One of my favorite YA books this year was Dormant, by LeeAnn McLennan, and LeeAnn read my book too! Here’s what she had to say about Clockbreakers:

Clockbreakers pulls you in from the very first sentence. Charles Kleis the 15th…the girl…is an eleven-year math whiz who just happens to be in a wheelchair. Her life changes irreconcilably on her eleventh birthday when she receives a mysterious key from a mysterious man and embarks on a mission through time and space to save her father. Charlie learns that the world she grew up in is so much more complicated than she could have ever imagined and almost no one is what they seem. Pulling from Greek mythology delightfully spiced with an eleven-year old’s perspective, Clockbreakers challenges you to consider how far you would go to save your family and friends Luckily for us, this is the first book in a series! 

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I think you’ll like Clockbreakers too. You can now pre-order a copy from Indigo Sea Press, and it will be delivered right to your door! Or…

Join me at Annie Bloom’s

You can join me on release day at Annie Bloom’s for a reading and signing! I’ll bring the exclamation marks, and we’ll break clocks together! More info here. For now, join the Clockbreakers Giveaway below, and I look forward to seeing you there!

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Clockbreakers Giveaway


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Here’s a bit more about Clockbreakers: On her eleventh birthday, Charlie receives a key to go back in time. But before she blows out her candles, she rolls her wheelchair right into Ancient Greece with her best friend Maria and her former best friend Trent. She’s a Clockbreaker on an action-packed adventure with a mission: to save her father, and perhaps even save the world. The book is great for 3rd-7th graders!