Mythwakers: The Minotaur Releases Today!

Today is a day of magic, myth and wonder, as I proudly announce the official release of Mythwakers: The Minotaur! Travel back in time with me to Ancient Greece. This first book in the Mythwakers series will tell you the Minotaur’s story — from his own perspective!

Mythwakers Unveiled

Imagine a world where myths are not just tales of heroes, but narratives told by mythological creatures, like the Minotaur! Those stories would look a lot different, wouldn’t they?

Read Mythwakers: The Minotaur to find out!

If you’re 4 or 104, you’re going to love this book! It blends story and learning (don’t tell your parents). It not only introduces you to the Minotaur, but you will also find out all about Asterion’s life and culture, and why it really matters.

Mythwakers: The Minotaur

The Untold Story

While his tale was told to the Greeks, we will uncover a hidden truth—the myth is actually rooted in the Minoan Culture.

Theseus was a Greek hero, but the Minotaur was Crete’s monster; you’ll find out all about how these two cultures are connected.

The table of contents

  1. The Minotaur: Uncover the secrets of one of mythology’s most enigmatic monsters.
  2. The Setting: Explore the mysterious world where his ancient story unfolds.
  3. The Culture: Learn about the cultures that gave birth to this legendary tales.
  4. The Religion: Explore the religions that brought this myth to life.
  5. The Characters: Meet the iconic figures of Asterion’s myth.
  6. The Story: Experience the myth from TWO different perspectives.
  7. The Meaning: Find out what the myth really means and why it matters.
  8. Find Out More: Take the next step and research more of the ancient world.
  9. Sources: Check out the articles and images used in the book.
  10. Glossary: Look up all those words that confused you or delighted you!

Who You’ll Meet

In the pages of Mythwakers: The Minotaur, you’ll encounter unforgettable characters like Asterion, the “A-maze-ing” Minotaur, and Icarus, who dared to fly too close to the sun. There’s Daedalus, the mastermind behind the labyrinth, and Asterion’s sister, Ariadne, who aided the adventurous Theseus (ugh, that guy).

As you read, you’ll be captivated by two versions of the Minotaur story—one by Theseus and the other by Asterion, the Minotaur!

Thanks for your support!

This book was made possible through a grant from the Regional Arts & Culture Council, and the unbelievable support of the Mythwakers Kickstarter. This is just the first book in the series. Find out more here. I can’t wait to share what coming next.

But first: The Minotaur!