Blue eyeshadow


What a wonderful and strange week!

Fancy Selfie
Selfie Alert! I fancied up for this one, friends.

We started out the week with a day full of trick or treating and so much candy (dressed up as a Lego family!). Then yesterday, I was interviewed on our local TV station, KGW, for their Portland Today show. They really liked my hair and eyeshadow. Ya’ll know I don’t wear makeup. I had to buy it for the occasion. Now I have lots. Here’s the link to the interview:

The interview flew by, and after the fact, I realized I didn’t get to say the thing that mattered most to me. So, I’ll say it here.

Books should be both mirrors and windows. By creating a diversity of characters, we allow for a diversity of experiences, and help kids get a better understanding of each other. When I do a character creation activity, like the one I did in the interview, the point is to get kids thinking about perspective, and how our characters change our stories.

When kids get to read about Charlie’s experience in a wheelchair, or slide through the prose of Brown Girl Dreaming, they see the world from a different point of view…and that is a very good thing.

Upcoming Events

I have so much going on the next few weeks. Here are three very cool events.

Get some awesome

If you haven’t yet, grab a copy of Clockbreakersand destroy time with me.