Shadow Queene Release — Today!

Put on your crowns, ya’ll! 

It’s time to celebrate the SHADOW QUEENE release!

I am so excited to share SHADOW QUEENE with you. It’s a book about women coming into their power, saving themselves, and saving each other.

And that’s my wish for you today, my friends. That you put on your crown. That if you can’t find the light in these dark times, you make your own. 

Shine bright!

Shadow Queene Release with crowns
Arts and Crafts time!

Join me tonight for the Shadow Queene Release!

I’m online, signing with Annie Bloom’s Books at 7PM PST. You can log-in here and join me! If you buy your book from them, I will even sign it, and draw you some hearts, stars, and crowns of your own.

Join me here at 7PM PST.

A review…

What’s SHADOW QUEENE about? It’s a “story about power, corrupt and corrupting, light and shadow, betrayals and possibilities. Ultimately, a story about saving each other (and small, ugly dragon-puppies).”

That’s straight from Queene Jenny Forrester, author of Soft Hearted Stories.


Shadow Queene Release with teal-haired Kate
I hope you love this book!

Some more reviews

“Dark, beautiful and complex.”

Maren Anderson, author of Sparks

“…Áine and Hennessy forge separate paths to seek the truth behind the shadows. Full of glittering light and grim darkness, each journey is harrowing and beautiful. I loved reading this book and can’t wait for the next one!”

-LeeAnn McLennan, author of The Supernormal Legacy Trilogy